Cleaning Service

We can deal with your change over cleans and prepare your holiday home to the highest standard between guests, you do not need to let through us to use our cleaning services.

As holiday home owners ourselves we struggled to find a cleaner that did the job just as we expected it to be done and found areas that always seemed to be missed. We decided if we want a job doing properly we should do it ourselves!

We use top quality cleaning products so we can ensure a top quality job, with our external washes we use a high quality wash and wax solution to help keep your exterior cleaner for longer.

Interior window clean is standard with a changeover clean, deep clean and a set up/close down clean.

We will tailor a price to your requirements if you need more than one service.

Changeover clean between guests*                                        £25

Bed linen with a changeover clean                                          £25

Caravan exterior wash and wax                                              £35

Decking wash and wax                                                            £25

Patio and path clean*                                                               £20

Deep clean with carpets and upholstery*                                £100

Set up clean at start of season                                                £45

Close down clean at end of season                                         £35

Carpet and upholstery clean*                                                  £35

End of season draindown                                                        £35


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